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We asked:

Many of your products come with plastic packaging that cannot be recycled due to the fact that they are not made from clear plastic. Do you have a reuse/returns policy on this packaging to reduce the domestic
waste load?


Avon Replied:

Thanks for emailing us here at Avon. We always want to hear what you have on your mind.

We're sorry, at this time Avon does not have a reuse/returns policy for its plastic packaging. Please follow your local recyling laws.

Our commitment to the environment is broad and touches
every aspect of our business. It includes the raw materials we
use and our manufacturing processes: the products, packaging,
use and eventual disposal.

We are committed to preserving the environment and to insuring
that our products and processes have minimal impact to the
environment. We are committed to making real improvements,
not superficial changes. Avon operates in a low risk industry.
Our manufacturing processes are small scale. Our ingredients are
safe. As a socially responsible corporation we are mindful of
global ecological issues and are working to resolve them.

Our environmental health and safety executive steering
committee provides senior management attention to all environmental
issues. Every Avon location has active recycling programs for
cardboard, paper, aluminum and plastic. We are committed to
reducing not only manufacturing and processing waste, but we
look to purchase items containing recycled content where possible.

Shareholder letters and internal publications are printed
on recycled paper. We are continually evaluating additional
opportunities for the use of recycled paper in our publications.

The majority of Avon's solid waste is cardboard and paper
which is sent out for recycling. Obsolete materials are
incinerated. No hazardous waste material is landfilled.

Avon's packaging groups insure that: 1) unnecessary
packaging is eliminated 2) the amount of packaging material
is minimized 3) product packages contain recycled content
where possible.

Our duty is to safely deliver Avon products to our customers
while minimizing the amount of material which must be discarded
after product use.

We hope we've helped you. Please keep an eye on our website. We're always trying to improve it for you


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